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The Literacy Workshop

Online Spring Poetry Slam 2010 Information (3/15/10)
The Spring 2010 Poetry Slam is in full swing. Learn more about this project.

TLW Announces New Memberships (10/10/06)
Various membership plans that include a variety of web tools such as blogs and discussion boards are now available for purchase by PO, personal check, credit card, or PayPal. TLW will also accept your donations to help offset costs for hosting and maintenance of our online community.

TLW Welcomes the Mosaic Listserv (9/12/06)
The Mosaic listserv is founded to help educators share their teaching experiences and offer support for all levels of reading instruction. You can visit the Mosaic Listserv website for more information as well as some great resources. Mosaic members can change settings here. Juli Kendall

Juli Kendall, Early Leader of the TLW Community (8/29/06)
TLW and MiddleTalk members were deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of Juli Kendall, one of the early leaders and founders of our online communities. We have set up a blog to share memories of Juli and what she has meant to teachers and students she touched online and in person.

Make a Donation to The Literacy Workshop
TLW is an all-volunteer organization that is dedicated to facilitating the teaching of literacy skills in the middle grades. Your donation will help to offset costs of web hosting, listserv hosting, web tools, and projects that are a part of our work. You can use the links below to pay by PayPal or credit card (Amazon Honor System), or fill out our PDF form in your browser for sending money via check or PO.


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