Literacy Workshop

An online community of educators devoted to
improving literacy with focus on middle grades.

March 19, 2015: TLW suspends its active online presence.

The website is still home to resources from the Mosaic List Group website. All list groups and operations have been discontinued for both TLW and the Mosaic List Group.


About the Literacy Workshop

Formerly known as the MiddleWeb Projects list, our community became The Literacy Workshop (TLW) in November 2005. TLW focused on Reading and Writing Workshop and at one time had over 350 educators with an interest in early adolescent literacy (Gr. 4-8) swap ideas and explore new strategies together. Below is a timeline of the development of our online community.

Online Spring Poetry Slam
TWL hosted an online poetry slam for Middle Grades from 2005-2010. This successful program used a blog format for each classroom to post student poetry. Students from other classrooms would then comment on partner classroom poems. Over 100 classrooms participated in this project with over 2500 students posting and commenting on original poetry.

October 2006
TLW officially announced the availability of classroom web tools such as blogs, discussion boards and webspace for teachers and classrooms. These tools were available with a variety of paid memberships and feature various levels of security to fit school and district needs and guidelines.

September 2006
TLW Hosts the Mosaic Listserv

The Mosaic List Group is founded to help educators share their teaching experiences and offer support for all levels of reading instruction. During the height of this list group over 2500 educators participated in online discussion. You can visit the Mosaic List Group website for more information as well as some great resources. The Mosaic Achives are still a wealth of ideas and information.

August 2006
Juli Kendall, Early Leader of the TLW Community
TLW and MiddleTalk members were deeply saddened to hear the news of the passing of Juli Kendall, one of the early leaders and founders of our online communities.

November 2005
The MiddleWeb projects list became Literacy Workshop. The community moved permanently to this location with the assistance of John Norton of MiddleWeb and Keith Mack, a former middle school teacher who provided technical and design assistance for the new location. Bill Ivey continued to provide leadership in getting our new website and list active.

September 2005
Bill Ivey, Humanities teacher at Stoneleigh-Burnham School in Massachusetts, took over Juli’s role as list moderator. As the transition evolved, we explored an idea of creating a web space dedicated to this community.

Fall 2001
MiddleWeb invited interested persons from our MiddleWeb daily discussion group and visitors to our website to join in a year-long discussion about struggling middle grades readers. Juli Kendall, a literacy teacher/coach in Long Beach, California, moderated the discussion and kept a weekly journal of her own work with fifth-graders who were held back after they failed to meet the district's minimum reading requirement for promotion to sixth grade.