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Beverlee Paul beverleepaul at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 01:00:42 EDT 2007

Sometimes it's difficult to accept that something counterintuitive could be 
true, but this seems to be one case.  The trouble is:  It's hard to bring it 
down to an individual and make decisions with it.

  > I'd like to know what the research has to say about EARLY retention. 
I've> personally seen quite a few successes with retaining kinders and 1st 
graders> (age/maturity being main issue). Does anyone know of any age 
related> research on retention? > Just wondering.
I'm a bit behind on reading these posts.  I apologize if this has already 
been answered.

When I was in graduate school, I did a review of the research on early grade 
retention.  I fully expected to find that it was more successful than later 
grade retention.  The research shows otherwise.  Students retained in 
kindergarten or first grade show initial improvement, but these gains 
disappear by 3rd grade.  While there are many lasting negative effects from 
early grade retention, I could find no evidence to support any positive 
long-term effects.  (Remember, we are not talking about individual cases 
here, but about statistical significance for a larger group.)

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