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MrsJRoman at aol.com MrsJRoman at aol.com
Wed Aug 1 05:16:06 EDT 2007

I have had great success using the strategies with special needs  students.  
As other posters have indicated, when students struggle with the  words, the 
meaning is lost but when they are supported either through shared  reading, 
choral reading, read alouds, books on tape, text reader programs  etc.  many of 
these same struggles will make amazing progress.  This  was particularly 
impressive with my sixth graders as they used the strategies to  devour non-fiction. 
 I was thrilled to hear some of the students by the end  of the explaining to 
other students the strategies that had used to arrive at a  particular 
conclusion and the visualization was the one strategy that seems to  be mentioned 
most oftem.
June 6/SPED/KY

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