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Interesting study just out of rand corp that looks at entry  age/maturity of 
kindergarterners. Study finds that older children do better  not because of 
size or learning ability, but because of maturity and  background knowledge.

>From  Jane- Think about this- if you have only been alive for 5 years, a few 
extra  months of living can make a big difference!  Some children turn 5 right 
 before starting Kindergarten.  Others turn 6 right after starting  
kindergarten.  There are exceptions to every rule, but in my 26 years in  Kindergarten 
I have seen that the older ones often do better all the way  around.  Our 
state's cut off for Kindergarten entry was November 1 when I  started teaching.  
With the push from Kindergarten teachers it was  changed to Sept. 1 several 
years ago.  It has made a difference.   Jane in SC :-)

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