[MOSAIC] Special Picture Book "Basket"

Angela Almond angela_almond at scs.k12.nc.us
Wed Aug 1 15:20:44 EDT 2007

I also keep books "hidden away."  However, after I use them, I always put
them in a special display area in my classroom library.  Students are
encouraged to read them again during self-selected reading.  I go over the
rules of these books at the beginning of the year.  They are not to take
them out of the room and they must return the book to the display area
when SSR is over, even if they are not finished with them.  I leave them
in the display area until it seems they have lost interest in them.  So
for some, I leave them for months and others I only leave there a couple
of days.  Then they go back to my special "hiding place."

Angela Hatley Almond
Fourth Grade
East Albemarle Elementary School

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