[MOSAIC] Special Picture Book "Basket"

Debbie Goodis mrs_goodis at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 1 20:58:39 EDT 2007

I don't think you're being paranoid. I do the same thing (and that would mean I'M paranoid!) You have an objective, a special purpose for those books and they need to be there when you need them. What I do is try and collect another copy and put it out after I use it for read aloud or even guided reading. (I have some multiple copies) Do you have enough books for the students? Maybe you feel like they don't have enough. You could just hit the used book stores and garage sales to beef up your library area instead.

SDCTeacher at aol.com wrote: As I am setting up my room, I am once more stuck with a dilemma, and that's  
whether or not to let my students have access to all of my picture books, even 
 the ones that I know I will use for mini lessons in either reading or  
writing.  Right now I have a special basket of these books that I keep  behind my 
desk.  I'm afraid that I won't have them when I need them, that  they will wear 
out too quickly, or that it won't be a "surprise" as we start  thinking aloud 
together in guided practice.  Am I just way too  paranoid?  I would love for 
the students to have access to the best of the  picture books, but those are 
the ones in my hidden basket!  What  kind of rules have you set up with your 
students?  Are there any books that  you save for some lessons?  Thanks for your 

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