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Also, keep in mind that a big part of the success of using the MOT strategies is that we're teaching kids to THINK. We're teaching them to be metacognitive, to purposely choose when to use strategies, to be aware of their comprehension or lack thereof. If this kind of learning goes on in a classroom all year long, then "solving" a test will be much easier for them. A little work might need to be done regarding format of tests, and that can be covered in a brief "test genre" study. But if you spend the majority of your year teaching kids to think, you'll see the results in the standardized tests at the end.
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In all honesty, I would say as little as possible.  Be mindful of that
content (which should be addressed in your standards) as you teach. Teach
well and teach deeply, and the tests will reflect your efforts.


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> My question then, is how much  do we stray from class
> content to cover "standardized testing content"?

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