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Thu Aug 2 02:05:32 EDT 2007

I'm reading responses and just can't stop thinking about our dilemma.  I 
wonder if anyone else is in the situation we're in.  Our school district 
decided to abandon the Terra Nova or any other nationally-normed achievement 
test.  Instead our kids take Levels tests out of NWEA.  There are a number 
of issues with that decision:  it's primarily a vocabulary test, it's (in my 
opinion) biased, and a number of other deep issues.  But what I'd like to 
ask you about is the fact that it is all done on the computer.  Here are 
some issues that arise because of that:  you can't teach any typical 
test-taking strategies because it's linear and you can't go back; prime 
test-taking time for any given class of kids has little relevance because 
the whole school has to be scheduled for the lab and, of course, that means 
only one class is testing at a time; keys falling off computers; running out 
of battery in the middle of the test; and you don't even want me to go on!!  
Does anyone else face this situation and, if so, how do you make it better 
for the kids?  Thanks.

Creecher12 at aol.com wrote:
   Hello, my name is Amy Goodman and I am taking Nancy Creech's summer 
comprehension class. I will be graduating after completing student-teaching
in the fall and couldn't be more excited to finally begin teaching and
hopefully making the difference we all dream to make.
The Mosaic of Thought strategies have changed the way I look at reading and
reading comprehension. I hope to make use of these strategies throughout my
teaching career in every aspect and content area of learning. I understand
that these strategies have even been put to use when preparing students for
standardized testing. My question then, is how much do we stray from class
content to cover "standardized testing content"? As a new teacher I am at a 
between the two. Any suggestions or ideas on how to prepare for standardized
tests without "straying too far" or cutting too much course content?
Thank you in advance for your help, advice, and expertise.
~Amy Goodman

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