[MOSAIC] Special Picture Book "Basket"

AOnieda at aol.com AOnieda at aol.com
Thu Aug 2 07:08:07 EDT 2007

I teach first grade and have always had books the children knew were  special 
to me.  I do put them in a basket when we have shared them, then if  they 
want to read one they have to go wash their hands and ask if they could  look at 
my book.  I think children grow by knowing we love some books so  much they 
are like a special toy to them.  I always have the discussion  about how 
accidents happen and I understand that but if they loaned me their  favorite toy how 
would they want me to handle it.  Always generates great  discussions.
I also tell them in general how handling books is a part of being older and  
responsible because why would I want to replace a book I already have when we  
could buy a new one just published. I think all this builds a real love and  
respect of books especially my hard covers signed by authors!!   Nancy

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