[MOSAIC] fiction or nonfiction to start the year?

gina nunley gina_nunley at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 4 15:11:38 EDT 2007

I need your sage advice.  I am in a quandry  (I'm an expert at that.....my 
husband and I laugh because it is Hard to be me).

Normally I begin the year with something akin to Fountas and Pinnell's first 
21 days.  Basically getting independent reading up and going and routine.  
As this is happening I am teaching strategy lessons.

After the MOT2 disucssion I had a huge AHA. I think my lessons will be much 
more effective if we're trying to read challenging nonfiction.  By sixth 
grade, strategy lessons in fiction are just a little to easy to encourage a 
strong purpose for using them  in the kids.

But that means beginning my year with nonfiction.  I have never done that.  
Don't get me wrong I am flexible enough to change, but I wonder will I be 
sorry that I didn't establish independent reading time from the beginning.   
I only have 90 minutes a day for reading writing spelling so I have to be 
practical about how much I plan.  I just couldn't do both.

You can laugh if this seems ridiculously anal, but I would welcome any 
thoughts.  (-:  Gina

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