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Janice Friesen janicef at jfriesen.net
Sat Aug 4 16:16:40 EDT 2007

For a one time fee of $35 (lifetime) you can get a membership at My eCoach
which has an abundance of very easy to use collaboration tools available.
One of them is the Universal Builder which is a very easy way to create web
pages.  For an additional $15 (lifetime) you can have a URL that you choose
(yourchoice.my-ecoach.com).  You can also sign up for a free membership, but
I think that more of the tools are available to you if you have a paid

My eCoach is designed to be used as a tool for a team to communicate and
collaborate online together and so there is MUCH more available than just
the web creation tools, but it is a good start.  One of the things that it
does have is a blogging tool which I just used for a travel blog and it is
very easy.  You can check mine out at http://jfriesen.my-ecoach.com.

Especially if you do not have server space I think this is an excellent
solution for a class web page.  The staff at My eCoach is amazingly
responsive and after you have been using it a while you realize that there
are a community of other users who are all educators there.


Janice Friesen
janicef at jfriesen.net
Paper just seems so restrictive anymore, doesn't it?

On 7/31/07 10:02 AM, "Bonita DeAmicis" <bonitadee61 at ca.rr.com> wrote:

>> I am really interested in creating a web site. Actually, I am being
>> encouraged to do so. I have visited so many wonderful sites and I am curious
>> as to the purpose??? Are these sites created for parent education or for
>> teacher information. Some are soooo elaborated that they totally
>> intimidating me.
>> Any advice?
>> Hayden/AK
> Hi there, 
> I can give you ideas and thoughts on website-making.  First, it is a good idea
> to decide why you would would one (purposes) and how much time you (or someone
> else) have to devote to it. I have made webpages for businesses as student
> projects, webpages for my students to access documents, homework, and links,
> webpages for parents to access newsetters, pictures, homework info and grades,
> webpages for teachers as part of training where they access documents,
> syllabi, powerpoints, discussion threads and weblinks.  These are all
> different purposes and I have used different sources to make them.  I also
> share a web wiki with fellow teachers where we talk online and set up our
> planning and ideas for lesson units.  So...once you have decided what you
> might use a webpage for, then the next step is to figure out who will be
> updating and changing it and how often.  These two factors: purpose and time
> (plus money-I suppose--though I have always used free services)  pretty much
> help decide the complexity of the page and how best to proceed.
> Think about what you want to use it for and email me offlist and I will be
> happy to send you to some good resources.
> :)Bonita
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