[MOSAIC] fiction or nonfiction to start the year?

Bill Roberts krober15 at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Aug 4 17:29:12 EDT 2007

> But that means beginning my year with nonfiction.  I have never done that.
> Don't get me wrong I am flexible enough to change, but I wonder will I be
> sorry that I didn't establish independent reading time from the beginning.
> I only have 90 minutes a day for reading writing spelling so I have to be
> practical about how much I plan.  I just couldn't do both.
> You can laugh if this seems ridiculously anal, but I would welcome any
> thoughts.  (-:  Gina

Anal is my middle name....

Why not do both?  Read a nonfiction selection about a topic they might 
already know, then read a short story or picture book on the same topic. 
Discuss the differences.  Similarities.  How would you read one vs. how to 
read the other?

The strategies are the same for both.

However, if you are talking textbooks, I'll tell my kids that textbooks 
can't cover EVERYTHING about the content so most textbooks are summaries and 
don't tell the full story.   That's where the teacher is supposed to fill in 
between the lines.  A text might say "The pilgrims came to America to seek 
religious freedom," but the teacher might ask the question:  "What would 
happen if a Buddhist decided to move into the Plymouth Rock in 1620?"

I say go for both, so the students can read either fiction or nonfiction 
during their independent reading time...

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