[MOSAIC] starting the year with non-fiction

Beverlee Paul beverleepaul at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 5 13:48:09 EDT 2007

I agree.  Plus, there are so many lovely new nonfiction big books for shared 
reading, so we can use that process to teach strategies to read nonfiction, 
just as we do fiction.  If you haven't read Brenda Parkes book on shared 
reading (Read It Again:  Revisiting Shared Reading), treat yourself and your 
kids and find a copy.

It's nice to be able to teach MOT strategies and deep structure in several 
genres and using several techniques (read-aloud, shared reading, independent 
reading).  Plus, you have those big books to do the same range of things I 
just mentioned, but in writing.


As a first grade teacher I find many of my kids, and especially the
strugglers, prefer non-fiction. They have more schema for it because they 
observed and wondered. The pictures and photos are engaging and 
comprehension is  a
bit easier because there is a lot of literal interpretation. Things make

Now you can see trouble…before he arrives 

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