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Mon Aug 6 13:53:24 EDT 2007

Here is my Question  For Mosaic Listserv Group. Thank you very sincerely.   
-Patrick J.  Monette 
When  I was a kid, I had very little interest in reading and making rich 
contextual  connections, but now I love to read and I don't know why this 
happened. Though  I'm mostly ignorant of the reasons behind this outcome, I'm almost 
certain that  what happened was in virtual absence of most of the inscribed 
methodologies - in  their calculated form - presented in Mosaic. My question, 
thus, is, How do  we discard things that we might consider to be antiquated or  
outdated methods of instruction when they clearly worked for so many  in the 
past? For example, reading groups that were divided by different reading  
ability levels. I was part of many a lower reading level in my day and I feel  like 
I came out of these mostly unscathed. Further, I don't think that my  
self-esteem suffered all that much, but it's my opinion that self-esteem is  immensely 
overrated anyway. Some of most terrible and evil tyrants in history,  
including Hitler and Mussolini, and some of the most notorious mob bosses and  gang 
leaders, had - each of them - VERY high levels of self-esteem. I believe  that 
one's values are a much greater determinant of one's character and  goodness, 
and should anything be given higher precedents than these? Also, if my  
self-esteem did take a hit, who's to say that this didn't benefit me in any way?  - 
that it didn't give me thicker skin, make me stronger, build character in me,  
etc.? But back to the regularly scheduled program… Although I’m not sure if 
I  enjoyed looking up vocabulary words in the dictionary and writing down 
their  definitions when I was a young bucking bronco, I’m not quite ready to 
dismiss  this method of instruction as unprofitable because I think that much of 
the  learning that was impressed on us in our younger days did so in such subtle 
ways  that it would be impossible - indeed, unprofitable and maybe even 
harmful - to  say, simply, that this and other methods are either great or 
worthless. Further,  I don’t think that they necessarily have to be one or the other. 
Each alone may  just serve as another piece of the puzzle that, combined with 
the many other  pieces, contributes to the mosaic, but by no means completes 
it. That being  said, in all its presumptive vigor, I love what I've read of 
Mosaic thus  far ;). 

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