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Tue Aug 7 22:58:17 EDT 2007

Through inquiry. Make the topic relevant to what they are interested in.
  Right now I have a class that is itching to mix chemicals. Chemistry is not part of the goals and objectives set forth by my state. But rocks and minerals are - we'll get into the chemistry of how rocks are formed. Electricity and magnetism are - we'll create electricity using chemistry (lemons, apples, potatoes). 
  I have to stay one step ahead, and think outside the box. I have to think "How can I connect what they are interested in to what they need to learn?" Sometimes I can make the connection, sometimes I can't. When I can't I appeal to their learning style and hook them that way.

Creecher12 at aol.com wrote:
  . . . What do you do to make kids interested in subjects they couldn't care less 
about? For example, how do you get a dinosaur lover to care about space?


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  How children learn is as important as what they learn: process and content go hand in hand. http://www.responsiveclassroom.org

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