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Wed Aug 8 21:55:29 EDT 2007

Bill's comments bring up a question I've been thinking about.  Suppose I have three or four students who need more help with something that everyone else in the class understands.  Stephanie Harvey suggests small group instruction.  How do you keep the other 20-plus students working when you're occupied with a few?

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> I think it's the fact that each child is different and has different needs 
> that should direct instruction.  Some lessons will be geared for the most 
> kids with similar needs (like introducing strategies), but some lessons are 
> gonna be more geared for individual students.  If 26 of 29 are fluent, it's 
> a waste to spend a lot of whole class time on fluency, but taking the 3 
> students who need the help while the rest of the class is working on 
> something else, is probably more effective.

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