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Oops.  I teach 4th grade.  Yes, there are basal police. 

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What grade is this?  An hour for reading AND writing seems ridiculous in an
elementary classroom. As far as self-contained elementary goes, there are
LOTS of ways to be flexible in a schedule regardless of what you are
"allotted."  I cannot speak to middle school, so I think it would be helpful
to know what grade you are teaching.  It also may help folks to know a bit
more about your situation (e.g. are there "basal police" in your school?).
That way you will get the most appropriate advice.

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> Okay, I have read all the recommended books, but am required to use a 
> basal.
> I can slip in a couple of novels throughout the year.  In the basal I 
> ask the students to read a page or two and stop and wait for everyone 
> else to finish. Then I ask them comprehension questions.
> This is the way the basal
> says to teach, and also the History book is done the same way. My 
> major problem with this is that some students read quickly and have to 
> wait a while for the others.  They tend to use this time for 
> completing other homework or to read something else.  I feel this may 
> hinder them from remembering what they just read.  I can't do groups, 
> as I only have an hour block to teach both reading and writing.  Is 
> there a solution to this, or does this seem ok?
> Patty
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