[MOSAIC] (MOSAIC) reading problem

Mary Kaleta mekaleta at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 10 11:07:19 EDT 2007

In my experience, I never wait for all students to finish reading silently. 
I teach 8th grade and my students finish reading at various times. When most 
of the students are finished, I continue the lesson. I cannot quote research 
on this technique, but I know it has been discussed in some of my reading 
classes recently. I have found that in 8th grade you must keep the 
lesson/pace moving ahead to maintain student interest. I haven't taught 4th 
grade in a long time, but I would think keeping pace moving would help with 
student interest too.

Mary IL/sped/8


My major
>problem with this is that some students read quickly and have to wait a
>while for the others.  They tend to use this time for completing other
>homework or to read something else.  I feel this may hinder them from
>remembering what they just read.  >Patty

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