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Fri Aug 10 18:35:39 EDT 2007

Yes, but I've found that sitting the wandering minds close to me when I'm working with a small group helps. Although they may stop working, because they are near me, they get the advantage of hearing what is happening in the other group. As long as they do some work, and don't become wandering bodies, I don't worry about it too much. I also have what I call "Workshop Time," which is when students can choose the work they do, as long as they have their basic assignments completed. We are a project based school, and the kids always want to work on their projects. This is a powerful motivator. 

Ljackson <ljackson at gwtc.net> wrote:  I worked with K through four in workshop settings. I will grant you there may be one or two that stop working (and because they're little, they aren't so good at faking it). 

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