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Red tape is the biggest stumbling block to getting children extra help. The exceptional children teachers can't work with a student unless they are identified, because of the way the funding works. We lose precious time while we do paperwork. Does anyone know why we are chasing paper instead of teaching children? Seems like the intent of the law and the implementation of the law have taken opposite paths.
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  Sandi (and others)... 

What I remember about the research on this is mostly from Linda
Darling-Hammond and it's about the training behind the teacher - once
again. Her research looks at low-income schools and the dire need for
highly qualified (not in the Feds terms, but in professional terms)
teachers in those environments. Nobody disputes the need for
interventions with struggling students or the fact that it should be
done right away. So, the primary aged student had a better shot at
success if their needs were addressed asap (I like the idea of "needs
being addressed" better than "intervening"....intervening sounds too
much like a medical model of diagnose and treat - and I don't believe
that model should be used in the education field. Intervention also
makes me think of RtI - Response to Intervention - which is probably
going to be the downfall of public education in the end.) Sorry, I
digress. Anyway, I don't recall specific studies following young
struggling students who were NOT retained, but the point they made was
that we need to focus on the skills of the teacher and the decisions
they make when teaching their students.

"Carrie...I have a question, since you did your dissertation on
retention, are there any studies of a child in K or 1st who was a
candidate for retention, but was not retained, how that child did as
they went through the grades? And this in comparison to a K or 1st who
was retained and in comparison to other "low" students who weren't
candidates for retention."


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