[MOSAIC] Dyslexia

DeMilleReed at aol.com DeMilleReed at aol.com
Sun Aug 12 09:29:38 EDT 2007

Dyslexia seems to be a term with as many definitions as people who use  it.  
In some school districts, the word is almost tabu.  Letter  reversals can be 
developmental and are not always a predictor of reading  problems, especially 
depending on the age of the reader.  
I recommend reading to get some more background on dyslexia.  LDonline  
(learning disabilities online) has some interesting information.  I also  recommend 
reading.org (International Reading Association).  There are many,  many other 
sources.  There is also the work of Bennett and Sally Shaywitz  (Yale) 
involving brain research on the actual brain pathways used by able  readers compared 
to those that struggle with reading.  Over time, I have  found that there is 
much conflicting information and research and I think each  of us has to come 
to our own understanding. 
K-1 Title I Reading

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