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I've done it with a chair.  Also effective.

It is important when talking with parents of these young children, who often
raise the concern regarding reversals, to acknowledge their concerns. Elisa
is so right about responding to parental concern without undo panic and
Renee has a great idea to show parents how natural it is for young children
to the p-b-q-d thing.  Letting them know it is not uncommon, is age
appropriate and that you are aware of the reversals and willing to address
them is important. 


On 8/12/07 9:04 AM, "Renee" <phoenixone at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> On Aug 12, 2007, at 6:13 AM, Kathleen Ernewein wrote:
>> ......, I have noticed children that read d's as b's and q's as p's.
>> I would never come right out and claim that these students are in fact
>> dyslexic, but I would like to help them in anyway that I can.
> Hi Kathleen,
> Reversing letters is very common and natural until somewhere around
> third grade. When parents ask, I do this:  I stand their child up in
> front of them, facing one side. I say, "Here is your child." Then I
> turn the child around facing the other way and say, "Look! It's still
> your child!" and then I explain that for some children they may just
> not be seeing the difference yet between facing one way and facing
> another way.
> Makes sense to me, anyhow!
> Renee
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