[MOSAIC] Dyslexia

Michelle Smith mssteach1st at mac.com
Sun Aug 12 11:44:08 EDT 2007


There is a book called Overcoming Dyslexia that is very good.  The  
author is Sally Shayvitz.   I agree with the other posters.  Letter  
reversals are very common.  They do not always and in most cases do  
not indicate dyslexia.  In most cases the reversals stop between 2nd  
and 3rd grade.


On Aug 12, 2007, at 6:13 AM, Kathleen Ernewein wrote:

> Hello Everyone
> I was hoping for some input in the area of dyslexia. While I now  
> that it is not my job as a teacher to diagnose students, I have  
> noticed children that read d's as b's and q's as p's.  I would  
> never come right out and claim that these students are in fact  
> dyslexic, but I would like to help them in anyway that I can. How  
> does dyslexia affect Comprehension? What strategies work best in  
> helping students that may suffer from this condition? I am looking  
> for activities that would be useful at the early elementary level.
> Kathleen Ernewein
> WSU Student
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