[MOSAIC] Dyslexia

Beverlee Paul beverleepaul at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 12 14:16:32 EDT 2007

If you are looking at the early elementary level, you'll want to know that 
it is as common to reverse single letters at times as it is to never reverse 
letters.  It comes from not yet having enough experience with print, and 
that tells you what activities to do.  The child needs more experience with 
print (reading), so the "activity" you'd do would be to guide the student 
through as much reading as possible.  Sometimes it is possible to kill many 
birds with one stone!

Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 09:13:06 -0400

Hello Everyone

I was hoping for some input in the area of dyslexia. While I now that it is 
not my job as a teacher to diagnose students, I have noticed children that 
read d's as b's and q's as p's.  I would never come right out and claim that 
these students are in fact dyslexic, but I would like to help them in anyway 
that I can. How does dyslexia affect Comprehension? What strategies work 
best in helping students that may suffer from this condition? I am looking 
for activities that would be useful at the early elementary level.

Kathleen Ernewein

WSU Student
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