[MOSAIC] Audio units to save teacher's voice/Off Topic

lori.labrum lori.labrum at m.sesc.k12.ut.us
Tue Aug 14 09:54:18 EDT 2007

I have had a system for several years and I love it!  In fact, most of the 
teachers in our school have a system.  I have severe asthma so when I 
project my voice I start to cough.  I used to miss several days of school 
because of asthma, but that has improved so much since I don't have to 
strain my voice.  We use a great company call Audio Enhancement from 
Riverton, Utah.  They stand behind their products and are very helpful when 
something goes wrong.  I have four speakers hanging from the ceiling around 
my room so all students can hear my from anywhere.  I can whisper and 
everyone can hear.  I love it when I am coming down the hall and tell the 
students to be ready with their books out and when I arrive they have all 
done what they should.  They think it is great that I can "spy" on them. 
Just have to remember to unplug it, or leave it in the room when going to 
the restroom!  One time our principal, who was then teaching 6th grade, 
forget about his and his class had a great laugh!

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