jkyingling yingling5 at frontiernet.net
Tue Aug 14 22:39:20 EDT 2007

What are the other RTI models?  You're right - we implemented RTI about 2-3
years ago and the three tiers model is the only one I've heard about.  BTW,
I'm also in Illinois.
> One of the RtI models is the use of the three tiers of intervention.
> This model is not the only one that can be used but for some reason
> everyone thinks it is!  With that people are jumping on the bandwagon -
> textbook publishers are dictating how we teach by publishing programs
> that address each tier of intervention.  Isn't that exactly what MOT
> teaching and this listserv is set up to combat - dictated, scripted
> teaching?????  Tier I is whole class instruction.  Tier II is tighter
> intervention given to the bottom level of your class (20%, or so) and
> Tier III is for the very bottom 2-5% of your class.  Depending on who
> you talk to both Tier II and Tier III can be a pull out situation or
> just Tier III.  It doesn't really matter, though, because what it
> reminds me of is the old Title I days.  There is no research that the
> model of Title I pullout was successful but yet - here we go again!
> Doesn't it sound like special education without the name?

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