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Hi Linda,
  I teach fourth grade, but also used it extensively when I taught second grade. Most of the difference lies in the level of the text used and what you need to do for classroom management.
  In lower grades you may need to create the scrolls for them the first time they do it. The first time they create their own scrolls you'll want to make sure it is very short, and that you have enough adults for hands on management. 
  You may want to make one scroll per group. Assign their roles (one person highlight on feature, another person highlight the other.) I've also done it so that each group highlights a feature, then we lay the scrolls out and compare them. Then I have the groups highlight another feature.
  There are as many possiblities for how you approach this as there are methods of teaching! It is a very flexible method.

Linda Buice <lbuice at stny.rr.com> wrote:
  Hi Joy,

I am just going to get into textmapping. I have read some of the material. What grade do you teach? I teach third grade and wondered if this is appropriate.

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