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Sun Aug 19 22:05:21 EDT 2007

What a nice surprise!  I just returned from a week on the southeastern shore 
of Massachusetts, on Cape Cod bay, where I spent my time watching the tides, 
skipping stones, floating (just floating...) and roasting marshmellows.  It 
was hard to leave, but it's good to be home...and nice to see a conversation 
going on about scrolls and textmapping.

* Laura: If you can wait for the book, I am writing one.  I'll let the 
listserv know when I've finished it.  In the mean time, you can find links 
to more information and materials on this page: 
* Cindy: You'll find my best answer to your questions about photocopying and 
copyright infringement here: http://www.textmapping.org/fairUse.html
* Joy: Thanks for spreading the word!

As we head into a new school year, it is worth restating why I have taken a 
particular interest in this listserv: Keene and Zimmerman's work spoke to 
me -- as it clearly does to many of you.  We all share the clear 
understanding that the path they defined is true and powerful.  And I see 
strong connections between their work (as well as of the work of their 
colleagues at the PEBC) and mine on scrolls and textmapping.  The common 
threads are "engagement" and "thinking".  To this conversation started by 
Keene and Zimmermann, I add a focus on the need many students have for 
hands-on interactions.  I see these interactions as "handles" and "tools" 
that teachers and students can use to grab on to abstract ideas as they 
struggle to pull themselves up and through the next doorway -- visual, 
spatial, tactile and kinaesthetic "ways in" for kids who might otherwise be 
left behind.  The bottom line is this: Scrolls and textmapping open the 
doors for more sensory engagement with text,and this has real value as a 
support for MOT instruction.

If this stuff is new to you, here are some pages to get you started:
* workshop notes: http://www.textmapping.org/whWorkshopNotes.html
* instructional benefits: http://www.textmapping.org/benefits.html
* quick tour: http://www.textmapping.org/quickTourMOT.html

Thanks again for your interest, and welcome back to another school year!

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