[MOSAIC] gifted cluster class

Patricia Kimathi pkimathi at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 19 22:53:04 EDT 2007

This is the question we (gifted teacher's in my district) have been 
asking for over 8 years.  The answer (?) do the basal in 21/2 to 3 days 
and do the rest in 2 days.  Does it make sense. No more sense than to 
think that all children learn best from a basal.  I teach 2nd grade, 
but I represent parents in Los Angeles County and this is a question 
they ask all of the time.  I have no answer.
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On Aug 19, 2007, at 10:25 AM, ljackson wrote:

> I think I get it.  How does lock step, one size fits all instruction 
> make
> sense in a gift and talented classroom?  Course, I think this is a 
> valid
> question for every group of learners.

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