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Joy jwidmann at rocketmail.com
Mon Aug 20 00:16:25 EDT 2007

  You're at a Reading First school?
  Could you use the basal, but go deeper with their work once they finish the requirements? Doesn't the HM teacher's guide have suggestions for gifted learners? Could you find other books that have connected themes and run lit circles with the kids? Could you do lit circles with the basal? Just thinking off the top of my head.

rr1981 at aol.com wrote:
  I am really not sure how to answer this question.? My students can be classified as gifted in math and/or reading.? I am not aware of each students classification at this time.? 

As far as teaching from the basal, all I can tell you is that my entire county is required to work with the HM basal series.? We are supposed to be using it with "fidelty" meaning supplementing with any other materials.? Of course this is crazy and many of us do, however, we could get in trouble depending on who enters the classroom.? 


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