[MOSAIC] help! 13 years in gr.1/2 now gr. 5!

Waingort Jimenez, Elisa elwaingortji at cbe.ab.ca
Wed Aug 22 07:00:49 EDT 2007

Hi Kimberly,
I would add the Daily 5 to your book list below.  For science and math, take a look at the Investigations in Number, Data and Space curriculum (the order of those three strands may be wrong but it's developed by TERC in Boston) and for science, look at AIMS or GEMS.  AIMS is out of Fresno Pacific University, if I'm not mistaken, and GEMS is from the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.
Good luck,

Elisa Waingort
Grade 2 Spanish Bilingual
Dalhousie Elementary
Calgary, Canada

I have and am very familiar with the following for upper el (don't need 
all those good ones for lower el anymore!):
Guiding Readers and Writers (Fountas/Pinnell)
Still Learning to Read (Sibberson/Szymusiak)
Beyond Leveled Readers (Sibberson/Szymusiak)
7 Keys...(Hutchins)
Craft Lessons - both fiction/nonfiction (Fletcher)
Writer's Workshop (Fletcher)
Reviser's Toolbox (Lane)

Any other helps?
Kim/5th (YIKES!!!!!!)

p.s. No science teacher's manual or social studies either,  but that's 
another story another day...

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