[MOSAIC] help! 13 years in gr.1/2 now gr. 5!

Paula Rushia paula_rushia at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 08:09:33 EDT 2007

  I'd recommend you get the Comprehension Toolkit by Harvey and Goudvis.  It's primarily for grades 3-6, but I find it perfect for 5th grade.  If you teach U.S. History, email me off list and I can give you some suggestions there. 5th graders are so much fun, I'm sure you'll enjoy the switch!

Kimberly Stapert <kim_stapert at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
  I hope this is an appropriate use of the listserv...
Well, I just found out I'll be teaching grade 5 and school starts 2 
weeks from yesterday. What are some of your #1 most practical teacher 
resources that can be directly implemented without too much theory (I'm 
strong on theory). I have a strong literacy background and train 
others in literacy, but now I need some specific information to get 
going. I know this listserv is mostly dedicated to 
reading/comprehension, but I'd value input on a writing resources as 
well. There is no set curriculum tool or teacher's manual for reading 
or writing in our district. What we have is a list of benchmarks and 
GLCE. How we accomplish those benchmarks is up to us. Feel free to 
email me off list. We do Words Their Way and I feel confident 
implementing that.
If anyone has a list of novel studies or any study guides to accompany 
them, please email me off list too.

I have and am very familiar with the following for upper el (don't need 
all those good ones for lower el anymore!):
Guiding Readers and Writers (Fountas/Pinnell)
Still Learning to Read (Sibberson/Szymusiak)
Beyond Leveled Readers (Sibberson/Szymusiak)
7 Keys...(Hutchins)
Craft Lessons - both fiction/nonfiction (Fletcher)
Writer's Workshop (Fletcher)
Reviser's Toolbox (Lane)

Any other helps?
Kim/5th (YIKES!!!!!!)

p.s. No science teacher's manual or social studies either, but that's 
another story another day...

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