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Our school does a 'boo-hoo' breakfast.  At least, that's what the staff
calls it.  (In our county, we have a "First Day Celebration."  All
parents are encouraged to accompany their children to their classrooms,
and 'hang-out' for a few minutes.  At 9:15 (1/2 hour after school has
begun) an announcement is made, inviting ALL parents to the media center
for donuts.  I think our PTA supplies the treats.  It seems to help get
the parents out of our rooms and they can commiserate with other
parents.  (It usually is the primary grades who have a harder time
releasing their children.  Hopefully, third grade parents will be used
to this.)

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I'm trying to remember what book it is in that gives the rationale for 
letting the kids organize the classroom Library and do their own 
bulletin boards.
Does anyone remember?
Also, since I am switching from 5th down to 3rd, I'm a little worried 
about how to get rid of the lingering parents on the first day of
Any ideas?

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