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I really don't think anyone really wants to "get rid of parents"... but as  
someone who has taught Kindergarten, often when little ones have separation  
anxiety, it only gets worse the longer mom stays. Mom is, naturally, upset too,  
and the little one feeds off that and what started as a few tears can become 
a  full fledged tantrum. Then you have a real disruption because that child's  
anxiety can spread to other little ones who begin to wonder whether or not 
they  should be upset too.
 When mom gives the child a kiss and reassures them that she will  return at 
the end of the day and leaves right away, the child  usually becomes quickly 
interested in what the other kids are doing and has  no more tears within about 
5 minutes or less. I usually give the parent in  question a call on my first 
break to reassure them that their child is indeed  fine. That helps build 
those trusting feelings that are so needed. 
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I see  lingering differently,
I see it as a way to reconnect school and  community.  I agree with Renee
that disruptions have to be addressed  (in fact, had to address parents
attending with small children and with an  unwillingness to reign in the
behaviors of these kiddos), but my fear is  that if we don't tread lightly
and celebrate that these parents are HERE in  our schools, regardless of
their motivation


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