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Sat Aug 25 22:22:50 EDT 2007

As a follow up to David's email... when he talked about scrolls being a  
conversation starter, I would also like to add that another conversation that  
scrolls provide much faster than books is the conversation the student  has using 
his inner voice. Scrolls help to explicitly teach a kids how to  listen, 
monitor, and adjust thinking. My first graders used scrolls for the last  two 
years and they have told me as much....Strugglers  confirm my classroom  
observations as well. In fact,  some strugglers do not even come close  to 
metacognition until we start scroll work. I usually begin just with  picture walks as well.
When the kids get really good at responding to text in written format,  
scrolls once again  are helpful in fostering  powerful thinking, book  talks, and 
literature circles.  In fact when we do reading cycle  centers, scrolls are our 
link from level to level,  from genre to genre,  from topic to topic, or from 
author  to author. I can't say enough  good things about scrolls and how they 
reveal story to a reader.
David is correct. Scrolls can become tedious in their creation.... but  in my 
opinion, well worth the time and effort. Be sure to laminate them and keep  
them in your collections in the library. They are as readily used as books and  
in certain periods during the year most often chosen by my kids  themselves.

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