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When faced with a child like this, there may be several reasons why he  
guesses. You'll need to investigate further to find out which of these are  
contributing to the problem.
1. the child doesn't have any decoding strategies except using context and  
getting his mouth ready
2. he doesn't have enough phonics knowledge (make sure he knows most  
consonant and vowel sounds)
3. He can't blend sounds...try some auditory blending activities to see if  
he can blend... (You might for example tell him that you are going to say a 
word  in secret code and see if he can guess it. You'd then go /c/  /a/  /t/  and 
see if he can figure out the word is cat.
4. He lacks the confidence to apply the known decoding strategies or is in  a 
text too difficult and he is giving up.
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asimants at nebnet.net writes:

My  question for you experts is this- when a child looks at the first letter 
of a  word and begins guessing several words that start with that letter, even 
words  that do not make sense, how do I determine if they are simply not 
looking at  the rest of the word or dyslexic and guessing by word shapes?
Any help  would be appreciated.

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