[MOSAIC] second grade homework

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Mon Aug 27 08:14:35 EDT 2007

I am interested in hearing what people give for literacy homework each  
night? Last year, I just had the kids do independent reading for 15 minutes and  
write a couple of sentences about what they read. Sometimes I had them read  
something aloud to someone else at home (if there was someone). 
I rarely gave writing or grammar homework because it was difficult to  
differentiate and keep up with checking it all. I also think 8 - 4 is a long  enough 
school day for 7-8 year olds without dumping a lot of extra work on them  at 
I am planning on using Words Their Way this year, and Lucy Calkins  Units of 
Study. We use the HM reading series, although I don't really use the  practice 
books much.
I would really like to have a homework routine that is pretty much the same  
every week, only with different content or skills. That way the kids and I 
would  know what was expected. Last year I gave out a weekly packet on Monday and 
 collected it Friday. This was great in terms of not spending 20 minutes  
collecting and recording homework each day, plus for families who had  
commitments some nights, they could do a little more the prior or next night to  make 
up. I don't "grade" homework because children receive various degrees of  help 
with it, so it's not really fair. I do record completion. The downside of  the 
weekly packet is that I must rely on classroom observation to spot problems,  
rather than on the homework. This really isn't a problem for me, though.
It does seem like the kids who put the most effort into homework are the  kids
 who need it least and have the most involved families. Is there a way  
around this?
Your thoughts on homework? (And yes, we have to give it ;-)

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