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  Which is what I have going on with one student right now. He's in fourth grade and miscues on many many words. He knows the words, but is blasting through when he reads and miscues on the most basic sight words. His reading is choppy and unconnected. Then he starts guessing like crazy on the more difficult words instead of using his decoding skills. This is with a first grade level text. But when we go back and read the words in isolation, he gets them right every time. His retell is sparse, relating mostly to the first or last sentence in the first or last paragraph. With as many miscues as he has it's amazing he can retell at all. 

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but I would worry if a
child at upper levels was guessing.

Hey Lori, 
We're friends so I can pick on you! : )
What is the difference between a "good guess" and a "brilliant miscue?"

Who often guesses herself. 

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