[MOSAIC] Recording reading

Joy jwidmann at rocketmail.com
Wed Aug 29 20:30:59 EDT 2007

Just had to post something that happened today.
  I gave my little conundrum a tape recorder and had him read the passage he is struggling with. He played it back and exclaimed "I sound like a sick child!" He wanted his buddies to hear it, and they confirmed that the recording was an accurate representation of his voice. He was in shock, and now wants to do anything to be able to read like this one or that one. 
  I had the other children make recordings of the same passage. Now his assignment is to reread it with the recording to see if he can make his voice match. He is stoked, and actually stayed on task THE WHOLE TIME! I actually got to have really good conferences with two other students!

  jwidmann at rocketmail.com
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