[MOSAIC] list was offline today

The Plumtree theplumtrees at msn.com
Thu Aug 30 23:29:26 EDT 2007

Thank you for taking care of this matter.

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Subject: [MOSAIC] list was offline today

> Just wanted to let everyone know that we've been hit pretty hard with the
> recent spam attacks and also had a hacker issue today. This caused our 
> list
> to go offline for most of today (Thur, Aug. 30). I think we've solved most
> of the problems and our Mosaic list should be running fine now.
> If you sent a message to Mosic today and it didn't post, please consider
> sending it again.
> Thanks for your patience,
> Keith Mack
> Web Administrator for Mosaic List Group
> http://www.literacyworkshop.org
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