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Fri Aug 31 06:24:56 EDT 2007

I taught my class how to sort by printing the inflected ending sheet where they sort for the sound of -ed. This was a good choice for my class, the students at the lower levels could do it, and the kids at the derivational level seemed OK with the level of ease. They were also engaged in the game I created with the CD (although I wish I could add my own words as easily as the words they give.) The word hunt went smoother than I thought it would, and the speed sort brought out their competive nature that I haven't seen yet this year.
  We worked on this three days, they caught on fairly quickly, and were engaged in what they were doing. I was even able to pull my student who is at the letter name stage aside and teach him to sort at his level. I'm concerned because he is at that stage all by himself, and will not have a group to work with, since the next level includes students at the end of the within word stage. I can't see holding them back, and there is no way he could work at their level. 
  What do those of you who are using WTW do when you have a situation that is so clearly defined?

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