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Janice Friesen janicef at jfriesen.net
Sat Mar 17 13:36:14 EDT 2007

I love Wikis and Blogs!  One tool to try in your classroom is
Classblogmeister (http://classblogmeister.com)  The thing about it is that
when students write their writing first comes to you and you can make
comments on it OR corrections before it is posted.  All comments come to you
or approval also before being posted.  You have control of what is visible
to the public or what is password protected.  There are lots of teachers
using this and finding great enthusiasm of students for writing.  In
Blogmeister there is a central blog which you (the teacher) can write
assignments into.  Then on the side all the students are listed with a
pseudonym or initials) and they each have their own blog.  They can be
required to comment on each other's blogs.

If you go to the Blogmeister page (link above) you can do a grade level
search and then look for teachers who are your grade level and see what they
are doing.  I am sure that there are a lot of empty accounts, but there are
many people using it effectively.

Next post will be on Wikis.

janicef at jfriesen.net

On 3/7/07 12:35 PM, "Valinda Kimmel" <vkimmel at esc11.net> wrote:

> Karen,
> You asked about blogs and wikis. The first thing that is important to note is
> that many people are using blogs simply as another version of a webpage. Blogs
> or weblogs are really intended to be website where the author writes in
> journal style. Multiple posts with links are typical.
> People use blogs to provide commentary or information on a specific subject.
> There are some great educational blogs out there where teachers are talking
> about their instructional practices. Check these out:
> http://readingyear.blogspot.com/index.html
> http://medinger.wordpress.com/2007/02/23/teaching-with-blogs-amistad-poetry/
> As for teachers using blogs with students here are a couple of examples:
> http://tellraven.us/  the teacher's site is found here
> http://borderland.northernattitude.org/category/commonplaces/
> Also, at Educating Alice she talks about her upper elementary students
> blogging so go back to her site from more info.
> http://medinger.wordpress.com/2007/02/23/teaching-with-blogs-amistad-poetry/
> Wikis are really online collaborative authoring sites (Wikipedia being the
> biggest and some think the best) Here is an example of a class creating their
> own wiki in response to a novel they read:
> http://wiki.woodward.edu/hannalee/doku.php
> There are some great things teachers are doing out there to prepare our kids
> to be competitive in today's global marketplace by teaching them how to be
> creators on the internet, not just consumers. Blogging and creating wikis
> gives kids opportunities to read and write in an innovative way (kids are more
> motivated and engaged, as you can imagine). Email me offline if you would like
> more info.
> Valinda Kimmel
> vainda.kimmel at sbcglobal.net
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