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As the time for midyear data collection rolls around, I am finding Bev,  that 
some of these intervention programs work and work well.

 Thank you for your post.? My job description breaks down in a very similar way.? We have a model of reading recovery primarily implemented by IA's trained specifically for this intervention.? I was recently trained in Wilson and am finding for one of my students it's unlocked the world of print!? For the other student, the memory issues make progress slow baby steps.? We also use Read Naturally, and for some children, it's a 2nd dose of guided reading in leveled text in a small group.
That pull of "my gut" and "in the box" is continuous, but I still find that "teacher decision making and quality  instruction" is what makes "in the box" work.
That said...
Would you share with us which of your interventions programs you find work best at which grade levels?? 
How did you determine which program to use with particular students?? 
Would you also clarify....do the IA's do Wilson, etc. and you do the in class support or do you do both?? 




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I am struggling with this whole issue myself. About 50% of my job  
description as reading specialist is intervention...25% assessment and 25%  
District support for our homegrown intervention program (which was modeled  
after reading recovery) was pulled this year and programs had to be  research 
based and approved through our district intervention committee. When I  asked 
what research based meant, I was told..."It comes in a box." 
So, to make a long story short, kicking and screaming, I trained my IAs and  
we are now using Wilson, Wilson Fundations, SIPPS, Soar to Success and Fluency 
 Formula. In addition to the programs, the at risk students get intervention 
in  the classroom as I plug in and teach the regular balanced literacy 
curriculum  side by side with regular educators and special educators. SO...the 
get an  intervention program based on their reading needs and an extra teacher 
in the  room for the regular curriculum to lower the teacher student ratio 
for the most  at risk students. 
As the time for midyear data collection rolls around, I am finding Bev,  that 
some of these intervention programs work and work well. I think if these  
programs are supplemental, and are added to balanced regular QUALITY, balanced  
classroom instruction, they can be of help to kids. This realization led to a  
"crisis of faith" for me. I have disliked the scripted lessons as I have 
always  had the deepest belief that it is teacher decision making and quality  
instruction that makes the difference rather than a program. Yet, here I am,  
forced to admit that children in my SIPPS program are learning to read at a  
faster rate than they would have with just my intervention within the classroom. 

Perhaps it is how these programs are used and if they are used with the  
right kids at the right time and for short periods of time in conjunction with  
balanced literacy instruction, then they might add an extra element that will  
lead to student success. I still have the decision making power within the  
classroom and I still choose which intervention to place students in....but my  
job just isn't as much fun, and not as creative as it used to be. (Though I do  
get home a lot earlier...)
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I'd  really like to open this thread up again and take another try at it.
Those  of us in balanced literacy classrooms are fighting for our
professional  opinions and desperately need the most up-to-date research
which supports  comprehensive literacy, not direct  instruction.

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