[MOSAIC] Sending terse messages about resources

Keith Mack kmack at literacyworkshop.org
Thu Sep 9 12:34:37 EDT 2010

First of all, I want everyone to know that we are again on emergency
moderation due to a spam message that was posted yesterday. This means that
I must approve all messages before they are sent out to the list. Resending
the same message several times doesn't help me approve it any sooner.

My second item is my concern that members have recently been sending
exceptionally terse replies to recent threads that have requesting ideas or
resources. I am rejecting a large percentage of responses on this thread
(66%?). These are responses where people just send a person's name, a URL,
or some other book/resource name. Typically these messages are less than 5
words and sent from mobile devices.

When you are recommending a resource to the professional educators on
Mosaic, please include more than just a name, URL, or title. 

Your personal opinion on the applicable strategies/ideas is vitally
important. You should include your views on the benefits/concerns that
students and/or teachers have experienced. If possible, please provide other
information on where to view or get the resource. Providing a precise link
to the *specific* page within a website is much preferable to just giving us
the site's homepage. 

I don't enjoy being the moderating Nazi for this list, but when I put on my
moderating hat, I certainly want to uphold a certain standard. 

You wouldn't likely allow your students to give a book talk and just mention
the book name. You would prod them to include the author, add their
opinions, give an example, and then let people know where to get the book.
When moderating I will hold you to this same standard.

I'm not asking for 5 paragraphs, but I think that adding some personal
experiences and opinions is a MUST when recommending resources. A few
complete sentences would be great! I think that this is a list that values
ideas along with resources so I want to advance ideas and not the "shout
outs" of names and acronyms.

Thanks for your help,

Keith Mack
Web Administrator for Mosaic List
kmack at literacyworkshop.org

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