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Betsy Lafontant betsylafontant at gmail.com
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My school using a fairly low-tech but effective means of assessing the
students' reading progress.  At the start of the year, the Student Support
Services team (which consisted of ESOL, Learning Support, and the school
counselor) tested the reading abilities of each child in our elementary
school using a running record.  The tester started where the student tested
out at then of last year or for new students, where the classroom teacher
believes is the student's reading level.  It took two intense weeks for the
SSS team and lots of pullouts for the classroom teacher. But at the end we
had a comprehensive data on each child's reading levels.  This process is
repeated at the end of the year to track progress and to reflect on our
teaching practice and methods.

This is the third year my school is doing this.  The first year it was a bit
of a mess because some testers had different "lens" on when they were
testing.  Some put more emphasis on fluency while others only tested for
comprehension.  In the second year, the testing team met every day to
discuss the process, streamline and normalize their practice.  In the third
year, this process is sleek, fast and the end product, the data, is
extremely valuable to the classroom teacher.

For writing, we have a writing test.  With a common prompt, each child
writes a story.  No names are on the writing test.  Then the writing tests
are divided among the classroom teachers and are scored using a rubric based
on the 6 traits (ideas, sentence fluency, mechanics, voice, organization and
word choice).  This data is collected and used to drive the classroom
instruction for each child.  Like the reading, this process is repeated
towards the end of the year.

On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 11:06 PM, Jeana Wise <jwise at marshallschools.com>wrote:

> What types of data does your schools collect for anaylsis? My district is
> using Aimsweb,  but I am thinking that other forms of data may be helpful
> when looking at interventions for our struggling students. My district no
> longer gives the DRA, either.
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> K-4 Literacy Coach
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