[MOSAIC] assessment and data

Conner-Righter, Mary mrighter at pennsvalley.org
Sat Sep 11 13:48:15 EDT 2010

Our school district implemented district assessments in grades K - 3rd about
8 years ago that were created by a team of Title I teachers. Over the years
these teacher-created assessments have changed to meet standards.  We now
have our own district assessments for the following areas: phonemic
awarenesss, listening comprehension, reading comprehension (F and NF),
writing to a prompt, accuracy and fluency, science, social studies, and
math.  The language arts/reading assessments are given 3 times a year.  The
content area ones are given at the beginning and end of the year.  Years ago
when we first started these assessments, the Title I teachers spent hours
inputing student scores into a Microsoft Word table. Several years ago we
adopted the 4 Sight assessments in reading and math for 3rd - 12th
grades. Success for All maintains a database for these assessments.   We
also adopted DIBELS for K through 2nd. Data collected by the U of Oregon's
system. This is administered by the Title I teachers three times/year with
progress monitoring ongoing.  We are hoping to implement our own database
this year which will organize all the data from the different assessments we


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