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Richard Schroeder RichardSchroeder at u-46.org
Tue Sep 14 09:37:42 EDT 2010

We use it in 2-6 and find it to be a great screener.
However, we also use F and P Text level assessments.
Mr. Richard Schroeder
Spring Trail Elementary School
"What little thing can you say or do to fill someone's bucket today?"

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Is  anyone using MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) as a screener in  their
district?  If so, at what grade levels and how useful and  reliable have you
found the results?
Thanks in  advance.
Literacy Coach
Zeeland Public  Schools

Our district uses it in Elementary schools, Kindergarten through 5th.   I 
don't know beyond that.  I was very leery of using it in Kindergarten,  but 
have found the results helpful.  The children love taking the  test!  They 
see it as a computer "game".  I do the warm up first, so  they are prepared 
for the types of questions on there.    My  children took the literacy parts 
last week, and almost all  were right where I expected them to be.
Kinderjane in SC :-)
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