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Our district uses the DRA and has for a few years now.  They make us assess
the student's reading ability to the instructional level instead of
independent level.  Their thinking behind that change is that an
instructional level will be able to guide our instruction better.  I think
we're getting crazy scores because we're not using the tool for what it was
developed.  Any thoughts??

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WIDA is a K-12 ELP test-ACCESS for ELLs, to aid in the identification and
placement of ELLs. The WIDA Consortium includes 22 states which is grounded
in scientifically-based research on best educational practices in general
and English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual education in
particular, WIDA created and adopted its comprehensive ELP standards (2004,
2007) that address the need for students to become fully proficient in both
social and academic English. The WIDA ELP Standards along with their strands
of model performance indicators-which represent social, instructional and
academic language-have been augmented by TESOL as the national model.

DRA - (Developmental Reading Assessment)The DRA is a research‐based
assessment used to determine the child’s independent reading level. It
enables teachers to systematically observe, record, and evaluate change in
student reading performance and to plan for and teach what each student
needs to learn next. The DRA helps teachers pinpoint students’ strengths
and reading abilities.

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> I don't administer the WIDA. The ELL teacher does so I really can't speak
to it. I think that the two tests are apples and oranges and for different
> S

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