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My district is using Aimsweb for reading--the RCBM and the MAZE.  We are in
our second year.  This is the way we are using it.

The RCBM is a passage that the child reads for one minute.  There are three
passages available to be given at one time.  There is a standard set of
three passages to be given 3 times a year (the same three).  Additional
passages are available to be given more often as needed for progress
monitoring assessments.  
    The first year, we had the children read 3 passages and took the middle
score; but, this year, we had them read only one unless they didn't reach
the district's benchmark score.  Its main goal was to identify RTI kids and
kids who need Progress Monitoring (your district can set the benchmark or
you can go by the Aimsweb benchmark based on previous year's scores).  You
are checking for fluency only although I mark it like a running record for
myself.  The resulting data is available in many organizational graphs.  You
can compare the results to your own school, your own district, and to
national norms, so it is quite interesting and helpful.  You can use it to
help in identifying reading groups and, as some special ed teachers pointed
out, use the graphs to explain to parents why special services might be
advisable. It can not be the only source of data because it is limited.

The MAZE is one passage with places in the sentences where the child must
choose the best of three words to complete the sentence. For example:
Eric rode his bike (down, forward, under) the street to his house.
    We gave it from 3rd grade up last year (our first year) but made it
optional in 3rd because there is a question about reliability below 4th
grade.  My problem with this one is that it seems difficult to take because
it looks just like the sample sentence above.  The choices are difficult to
see.  They don't stand out.  
    I cannot give much more info about this because I teach 3rd GT and am
not using it.  Our district uses it for 4th and up.

While I think the Aimsweb RCBM and MAZE are valuable and quick to administer
 you have to remember that they only measure this one aspect of the child's
reading.  It should not be used as the only diagnostic tool.  

According to a district-provided summer workshop, once you belong to Aimsweb
 you have access to Aimsweb research data.  I have not taken the time to
delve into that.

I hope you find this info helpful,
Georgi in Indiana
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Is anyone using Aimsweb for assessment in reading?  I would love to know
what it is like and if you find it valuable.
  We were recently shown the aimsweb math assessment and it is an 8 minute
test, consisting only of computation, and includes thing like 2 digit
subtraction with regrouping which we dont even teach in first grade.  This
is how our Tier students are identified so its a bit puzzling how that is
going to be an accurate tool.
We are also going to be using aimsweb for reading so I am hoping that it is
different.  Can anyone tell me if they are using it? Is it a valid tool?  I
m worried.
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