[MOSAIC] teaching the book vs. teaching the reader

Ambrose, Kathleen kambrose at hbschools.us
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Thanks Keith- the original question posed was regarding a very specific reading product - READ 180 by Scholastic.  while it is a good program I am seeking to find colleagues who are also implementing the program and strategies that they are using to implement and/or enhance the program.  It is very perscribed; but many districts implement it without regard to the time frame recommended by Scholastic. 
If anyone is interested in continuing a discussion about READ 180 and doesn't wish to share on the list, then please email me directly.  Thanks, Kathleen
kambrose at hbschools.us

Kathleen Ambrose
Reading Specialist
Hampton Bays Middle School
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I can tell that there are multiple, strong opinions on a variety issues
regarding instruction and practice and this is a good thing. I just want to
make sure that our members keep posts focused on methods and not personal

I think that this conversation is valuable so please keep your opinions
professional and respectful. I don't think any of us can assume to know the
one "best" way to teach and reach the broad group of students in any give

As an 8th grade LA/Reading teacher I found that certain kids benefited more
from certain teaching styles and environments. A student that struggled with
my (ahem) expert teaching went on to flourish when we switched the student
to another teacher's classroom. I didn't take this as a rejection of my
teaching, but on better meeting the needs of a particular student.

When we are on emergency moderation, I only see the first sentence or two of
a post. This is helpful to me time-wise as I can quickly determine if a post
is legitimate and not spam or something that should be sent to a person and
not the entire membership.

So please, post and *support* your opinions on professional practice and not
a person. There is great value in respectful discussion.

I have just rejected a couple messages that seemed a bit inflammatory and
personal. I don't claim to catch every inappropriate message. Be kind,
respectful and thoughtful and please let me put away my moderation Nazi hat.

I am going to lean towards extreme caution while this thread is active.


Keith Mack
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